Thursday, November 12, 2009

Welcome to my BLOGGITY BLOG. This has been constructed especially for my gallery and the artists who dwell within. Please read ALL the posts...right to the bottom,as they show ALL the works available in :

If you would like to purchase any of these incredible NZ artworks, or ask any questions, please email Monika Welch at If you would like to see Monika's available works please click here

"He met the Girl He loved"
By Sandra-Jane Suleski

By Sandra-Jane Suleski

The following gorgee sock dolls are called...... "The Grotts'. They are very popular and I have to keep re-stocking constantly. Aren't they awesome?
Made by the very clever and original Rebecca Evans!
All priced between $25 and $30

"Stinky Pete"

Lab test No. 1" Bunny-twins "
"George "
"Ed the Head ....and ........Pickle"
"Sweet Sixteen "
By Grant Ward

(900mm X 450)

"Happy Hour at the Blue moon"
(760mm X 500mm)

" Vigil"
(500mm X 400mm)

"Lunar Caustic"
by Grant Ward

(400mm X 300mm)
The following ceramics were created by local artist Nicky Jolly.

"Maiden the Pacific"
(1000mm high)

"Love Grows"
(1450mm high)

Red Bust
(380mm high)

Raku jug - SOLD

Red tiki $60.00-SOLD

Green tiki - $60

Hand-made tiki $60.00

Ceramic boat -SOLD (More available)

Gorgeous Funky cushions
By Mrs Gypsy Apple Luck
(All have tassle fringing)
$30 each

"Snakes and Ladders"

By Erika Husselmann


(750mm X 380mm)

"Peace Poppyana"
By Erika Husselmann

(740mm X 380mm)


" Tui Mama"
By Jessica Newman


"Sometimes" - SOLD

By Liz Constable
acrylic on board with wire hanging